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chemical listing by application
energy conversion & storage

CAS No.Name
18770-47-3Antimony(III) isopropoxide 99.9%(metals)
24363-37-9Barium isopropoxide 20% w/v solution in isopropanol
17594-47-7Barium tetramethylheptanedionate 99%
22306-37-2Bismuth acetate 99.99%(metals)
7787-60-2Bismuth chloride 99%
142617-53-6Bismuth tetramethylheptanedionate 99.9%(metals)
60406-95-3Cobalt isopropoxide 99%
64443-05-6Copper(I) hexafluorophosphate tetra-acetonitrile adduct
1184-54-9Copper(II) methoxide 98%
14040-05-2Copper(II) tetramethylheptanedionate 99.9%(metals)
15522-71-1Europium tetramethylheptanedionate 99.9%(metals)
4452-61-3Gallium isopropoxide 10% w/v in isopropanol
4452-61-3Gallium isopropoxide 99%(metals)
34228-15-4Gallium tetramethylheptanedionate 99.9%(metals)
14165-55-0Germanium ethoxide 99.99%(metals)

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