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chemical listing by application
hybrid & disperse materials

CAS No.Name
556-91-2Aluminium tert-butoxide 99%
130097-74-4Cerium(IV) isopropoxide isopropanol adduct 99.9%(metals)
14165-55-0Germanium ethoxide 99.99%(metals)
21154-48-3Germanium isopropoxide 99.99%(metals)
13428-80-3Hafnium ethoxide 99.9%(metals)
2172-02-3Hafnium tert-butoxide 99.99%(metals) + Zr 0.2%
2172-02-3Hafnium tert-butoxide 99%
5058-42-4Iron(III) ethoxide 1M solution in ethanol
14876-47-2Iron(III) tetramethylheptanedionate 99.95%(metals)
41329-27-5Nickel isopropoxide 99%
3236-82-6Niobium ethoxide 99.99%(metals)
3236-82-6Niobium ethoxide 99.999%(metals)
38874-17-8Niobium n-propoxide 99.9%(metals)
88863-33-6Strontium isopropoxide 99%
36830-74-7Strontium tetramethylheptanedionate 99%

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