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Tin(IV) isopropoxide 99.9%(metals)

Additional Information

CAS No.:1184-61-8
b.p.:decomposes before reaching boiling point
m.p.:decomposes before melting
v.p.:evolves isopropanol before evaporating
solubility in water:reacts exothermally
solubility in organics:soluble in hydrocarbons, reacts with alcohols, ketones and esters

Chemical Information

synonyms: Tin isopropylate
chemical formula: Sn(OC3H7)4.C3H7OH
description: Colourless crystalline powder, moisture sensitive
assay (SnO2 precipitation): min 99.5% as adduct
insolubles in n-hexane: < 0.05%
trace impurities (wet test): Cl < 500 ppm
trace impurities (FE/ICP): Al < 20 ppm
Ca < 5 ppm
Fe < 10 ppm
K < 10 ppm
Na < 300 ppm
Pb < 20 ppm
Mg < 5 ppm
Ti < 20 ppm
V < 20 ppm
Zn < 20 ppm


nano-materials & thin films
catalysis & synthesis

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