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Multivalent quality

The reproducible functionality of chemical products is usually dependent upon the level of contaminants. The Multivalent quality system operates under the terms of ISO 9001 and we conduct characterisation tests accordingly. For analysis functions not on our site we can access the analytical facilities at Cambridge University Department of Chemistry as indicated below. Every item we ship is accompanied by a certificate of analysis. Every chemical on this website includes a technical data sheet.

Assay by titration and ashing
Halide ion by back-titration and nephelogy
Trace metals by flame emission photometry
UV and visible spectroscopy
Solubility, volatility and melting point
NMR by H1 and C13
C/H/N microanalysis
Liquid chromatography linked to mass spectroscopy
Inductively coupled plasma photometry
FTIR and Raman spectroscopy
Thermogravimetric analysis